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Chimney Repairs services in Bristol

We offer a comprehensive chimney repair and maintenance service by a team of specialists roofers. We have worked on many different chimney stacks, providing a professional service every time.

Commercial and Domestic
Roofing Undertaken

Installation Procedure

Your roof is stripped and the boards are checked, repaired and replaced.
A custom panel of Firestone EPDM is then adhered to the prepared deck.
Attractive edge trims are then fitted to the perimeter of the roof.

We cover every aspect of chimney repairs including:

Re-pointing and re-seating chimney pots

Re-builds of the chimney

Installation of chimney vents and cowls

Lead soaker, flashing, back gutters and front apron installation.

Effective Chimney Solutions

We often take for granted certain areas of the home such as a chimney. Still, it is an undeniable fact that maintenance and upkeep will be required from time to time. Multiform Roofing is capable of providing professional chimney repairs for Bristol clients and we offer a second-to-none sense of reliability when it is needed the most. So, what are some of the advantages that you can anticipate when working with our company?

While chimneys may appear as if they are built to last for hundreds of years, even these solid structures can suffer from faults on occasion. Mortar may flake away over time or the entire structure could begin to lean due to a ground subsidence.

Whether you require on-the-spot chimney repointing or you have noticed that the chimney pot (the cylindrical pipe at the top of the structure) is damaged, Multiform Roofing is only a phone call away.

Why Choose Us?

One of the issues associated with chimney repairs is that a great deal of skill is required in order to ensure that the subsequent structure will provide you with years of unfettered use.

Unfortunately, not all roofing firms in Bristol are capable of providing this level of transparency and uniformity. Not only do we boast years of experience, but our team can handle even the most stubborn of repair issues.

Let’s also not fail to mention that maintenance is an important concern in regards to any chimney. For example, were you aware that a wood- or coal-burning chimney should be serviced every three months?

This single observation is often overlooked by the majority of consumers and as a result, more intensive cleaning sessions will be required.

You will be happy to learn that our firm is fully cognisant of what defines targeted chimney maintenance solutions and the scope of repairs that we offer can ensure that yours will not fail when it is needed the most.

If you suspect that a problem may be present or should you require a regular cleaning, please contact Multiform Roofing to schedule an appointment.

Chimney Repairs FAQs

What Does the Process of Chimney Repointing Involve?

Repointing is the process of scraping away old mortar that may have become damaged and installing new material in its place. This can help to protect your chimney from damage that would otherwise be caused by the elements.

What are the Signs that a Chimney Pot is Damaged?

Some common indications include (but may not be limited to) debris in the fireplace and noticeable downdraughts for no apparent reason. These could signal that the pot has become loosened or even dislodged entirely. Of course, professional assistance will be required in either of these situations.

Should I be Concerned if the Chimney Stack is Leaning?

It is not entirely uncommon for older chimneys to lean slightly as a result of settling over time. However, there also situations when a sudden lean may be noticed. This should be examined quickly in order to avoid further damage to the chimney as well as your home. An expert will be able to determine if corrective maintenance is needed.

When Might a Chimney Need to be Replaced?

The good news is that chimneys tend to be extremely durable. Still, there can be times when a replacement is in order. Extremely damaged mortar, faults in the interior walls, a cracked crown, and a rusty firebox could all indicate a more serious problem.

The team at Multiform Roofing is always on your side. Please take a moment to contact us if you have additional questions.

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