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Usually, death rates are not the primary consideration in selecting a new profession, but some industries are unexpectedly dangerous.Why Roofing is One of the Most Dangerous Jobs in Britain

It takes a solid individual with a great personality to excel as a roofer, making it a wonderful profession for the right person. In most situations, a roofing professional’s long-term effectiveness is supported by physical abilities, organisational skills, and the right mindset.

However, it is one of the top ten most perilous jobs in the UK. Injuries sustained from falling were responsible for a considerable number of occupational deaths, making roofing one of the world’s riskiest occupations.

Therefore, it is advisable not to attempt to carry out any roofing repairs or fixtures on your own, but instead, engage the services of roofing experts like Multiform Roofing.

What Makes Roofing so Dangerous?

Falling attributes to most deaths at the workplace, with height being the primary culprit. Certain tasks are better reserved for the pros when it comes to home renovations.

Any job at heights is unsafe, but you may not realise how hazardous it can be. Merely placing your foot in the wrong position or getting trapped in the rain could turn into a fatality.

You need professional guttering as doing it yourself is not a simple task. If an injury occurs, it can be disastrous for the individual’s welfare and any court proceedings that arise if uninsured individuals are on your roof.

Find a specialist with competence and relevant registration with trade organisations to ensure a professional job and keep yourself safe.


Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) indicate a record of 147 workforce-related deaths during 2019-2020. 62.5% of these deaths resulted from falls, falling objects, or entrapment by something collapsing.

How to Protect Yourself

Clothing restrictions (PPE’s) combined with the numerous warning signs at construction sites are there with good reason. PPE (personal protective equipment) is the gear used to minimise the risk of exposure to hazards that may result in major accidents and diseases at the workplace.

Ensuring to always wear PPE’s when at a construction site or going about roofing duties will play a significant role in shielding oneself from minor injuries.

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