A roof truss is an alternative to rafters and stick framing. It is used to determine the shape of a roof or ceiling while also providing support.What is a Roof Truss and When Is it Used

Trusses are not made together with the rest of the roof. They are pre-engineered in a factory using lightweight raw materials then transported to the construction site.

Roof trusses consist of two-force members that are assembled to function as one. Unlike rafters, roof trusses are made from small pieces of lumber and they are easier to install. This makes them more expensive and advantageous.

When is a roof truss used?

One main reason why a roof truss is used is to improve the appearance of a building structure. This is the reason why roof trusses are used in buildings like churches, offices, homes and commercial buildings.

It is also worth noting that they provide flexibility in the appearance of a roof system. They are also applied to provide stability and support in the roof system.

Additionally, they contribute to successful construction of various building and non-building structures. In some instances, roof trusses are used to support storage above the ceiling. This is because they strengthen the endurance of the materials.

Benefits of roof trusses

Roof trusses are very popular among contractors and builders. Below are some reasons behind their popularity;

• They are easy to install because they are lightweight and they do not require any extraordinary of complicated construction tools. The fact that they are pre-engineered in factories also adds to this benefit.
• Roof trusses help to improve the appearance of any kind of building structure.
• They provide a scope for unlimited architectural
• They can withstand severe natural calamities because of their sturdy construction
• They can support storage
• They have high resistance, durability and they are also quite cost effective

Where to get your roof truss

Multiform roofing is one of the main providers of roof trusses and guttering in Bristol. The company provides a wide range of roof truss types that you can use for various applications.

The most common types of trusses are king post, queen post, fink, attic, scissor, and gable truss. There are several other types of roof trusses that you can get at this firm.

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