What is a guttering system? A gutter system is a series of pipes that carry rainwater from the roof to an underground storm drainage system. The purpose of gutters and downspouts is to divert water away from the foundation of your home or business, as well as protect your property from damage due to erosion. This article will discuss how gutters work, what they are made out of, and why they are important for homeowners everywhere!

The Parts of a Guttering System

Guttering systems are made from a variety of materials and come in a few different sizes. The most common types of gutters are aluminum, vinyl, steel, copper and cast iron – with the latter two being more expensive than other options. The system is made from sections that join together to form the support for your roof. Here are some of the most important sections of a guttering system:


The part of the gutters that is responsible for carrying water from your roof to the ground. This section gets attached to either an elbow or straight piece and will carry down overhanging roof surfaces in order to keep them dry.

Splash Block

The splash block is an essential part of your guttering system. This is the part that attaches to the downspout and carries water from it toward either a drain or area in which you want to disperse excess rainwater away. The splash block ensures that no standing water collects around your foundation, but allows for drainage when there are large amounts of rainfall occurring.


The elbow is the part that connects the gutter to either another elbow or a straight section. Elbows are typically used when you want water to flow in one direction only, such as toward an area of your yard where drainage is desirable and away from areas like walkways or patios.

End Cap

A vital part of the guttering system, the end cap is a fitting that closes one section and allows for the beginning of another. End caps are normally used when you want to create a corner where two sections meet at an angle. Ensure the end cap is fitted with gutter sealant from the inside to prevent water from dripping out from the end of the system.

In Conclusion

If you’ve ever had to deal with a leaky gutter system, then you know the frustration of dealing with water coming in from your roof and running down the walls. These systems can be tricky for homeowners to understand – but Multiform Roofing is here to help! We offer residential and commercial guttering services that include installation or repair work as well as regular maintenance. Give us a call today if you need professional guttering help!

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