Are you looking for roofing for your low sloped roof? Well, roll roofing is the best option for you. It is a unique method of roofing that uses organic materials together with asphalt. Not only is it a cost-effective method, but it also enhances durability as compared to the flat roofing methods.What is Roll Roofing (Rolled Roofing)

The Benefits of Roll Roofing

• Budget-Friendly: Roll roofing is made from commonly available materials hence cost-effective. It does not cost you an arm and a leg.

• Durable: When installed correctly, you can enjoy the roofing for more than fifteen years. They have a long lifespan.

• Convenient Transportation: Unlike other roofing materials that are heavy to carry and transport, the roll roofing is light to carry. They do not require heavy machinery to transport.

• Easily Customizable: They can be cut and made adaptable to different strips as desired.

Types of Roll Roofing

There are several types of roll roofing available mostly for low sloped surfaces, depending on the materials and the desired results. Here are the popular types.

Rubber Roll Roofing

Prepared from common materials such as sawdust, slate dust, and recycled tires, these are the most common roll roofing. It is budget-friendly and easy to maintain. The installation process is easy and is usually by an overlapping method.

Bitumen Roll Roofing

The asphalt roofing comes in two different forms; self-adhesive and cold adhesive. For the Bitumen roll roofing, the two forms are amalgamated. When well maintained, the bitumen roofing does not wear out hence giving you the longevity benefit.

Rubber Membrane Roofing

Also known as EPDM roofing, it is made from inexpensive rubber hence light in weight. It can be applied through simple methods, just like the rubber roll roofing. The roofing is one of the durable ones and can last for more than twenty years when maintained well. Since it is self-adhesive, it blocks all leakages from the roof.


Finding the right roll roofing type does not have to be a daunting task. You can talk to reputable roofing companies such as Multiform Roofing for assistance. They are experienced in repairing, installing, and maintaining different types of roofing and will be indispensable in the tasks.

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