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Polycarbonate is an effective roofing material to cover large areas. The roofing sheets are often transparent or semi-transparent and can be seen in large outdoor structures such as canopies, stadiums, and long stretches. Let’s explore some of the common types of polycarbonate roofing and where they are frequently used.What is Polycarbonate Roofing Material & Where is it Commonly Used

Types of Polycarbonate Roofing And Where They are Commonly Used

The polycarbonate roofing sheets are available in different forms, depending on where you want to install them.

• Solid Polycarbonate: The single-layered sheets are durable and can be used as an alternative to glass. They are light in weight and are suitable for patios, awnings, and carports.

• Textured Polycarbonate: They are solid polycarbonates that have a pattern as compared to bare surfaces. They are mostly used for appealing visual elegance and allowing light into the premises. Most builders use the roofing sheets for aesthetics.

• Multiwall Polycarbonate: These are layered sheets that are stacked together to offer optimal insulation. They are suitable for conservatories and flat roofing as they have a considerable range of thicknesses.

• Corrugated Polycarbonate: They are similar to solid polycarbonates only that they attract lower costs. The corrugated form reduces the effects of the adverse weather conditions hence enhancing durability. They can be distorted in shape and bent in any direction to yield the desired shape.

Qualities of Polycarbonate Roofing Materials

Several attributes make polycarbonate a suitable roofing material. Let’s explore a few.

• Durable: The materials are long-lasting and can withstand any climatic condition.

• Light in Weight: The material is lightweight and can be conveniently ferried from one place to another.

• Good-looking: Most people choose polycarbonate due to its elegance and beauty. Buyers can get in various colours and textures to complement the building’s aesthetics.

• Resistance: It is resistant to harsh climatic conditions, fire, and any chemicals. As such, they’re suitable for any season, summer or winter.

• Flexible: The sturdy material is flexible and can be moulded into the desired shapes as required during roof construction.


For the best results, you should have the roofing done by professionals like Multiform roofing. They have knowledge and experience in the procedures, thus exposing you to high-quality polycarbonate roofing services.

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