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Much like any construction project, it is important to obtain an accurate estimate if you plan on having any work done to your roof. A contractor will need to take numerous variables into account in order to calculate the overall cost.

What is included in a Roofing Estimate_

Furthermore, this estimate will provide you with an understanding of what is involved as well as the type of financial commitment that you will be required to make. What are a handful of factors that will enter into the equation? Let us examine some of the most common.

Labour Concerns

Labour is a critical factor, as the overall length of the project will obviously impact its overall price. Contractors will look at variables such as the pitch of the roof (extreme angles cannot be walked and they require different approaches), the age of the roof and how many layers need to be removed.

Roofs with more layers will take a greater amount of time to strip; adding to the expenses associated with labour.

Ancillary Repairs

There are many times when other elements associated with a roof may need to be addressed. This can sometimes come as a surprise to the customer.

However, the project manager will make such concerns clear from the very beginning. Examples include chimney repairs or re-pointing, issues with underlying support structures and fascia.

It is normally best to utilise the same firm when addressing these issues, as tackling all concerns at the tame time will save you money in the long run. Of course, be sure that all expenses are itemised before making the final decision.

The Type of New Material and Components Being Installed

Some roofing materials are more expensive than others. For instance, a new slate roof installation will cost more when compared to standard shingles.

Decorative flashing, period-accurate soffits and single-ply PVC systems for flat roofs can all add to the aggregate price of the project.

The best way to determine what will ultimately be involved is to contact a professional at Multiform Roofing. We will be more than happy to schedule an in-depth consultation at your convenience.

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