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Roofing is an essential part of every construction project. Other than the protection of items inside, roofs contribute to the outward presentation of a building. There are many roofing materials in the construction industry today. The choice of roofing material depends on the cost as well as your tastes and preferences.What is EPDM Roofing and Why it is Used

When selecting a roofing material, you need advice from experts such as Multiform Roofing. The popularity of EPDM roofing material has increased over the past few years. EPDM, ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a synthetic rubber commonly used for low slope roofing. Here are some of the main reasons why EPDM is preferred roofing material.

Durable Roofs

EPDM is strong and corrosion-resistant. Thus making it ideal for areas with adverse weather conditions and acidic rain. Saturated polymer backbones make up EPDM which makes it resistant to high temperatures, ultraviolet light and ozone. An EPDM roof can resist temperatures of up to 150 degree Celsius. Installing EPDM roofs guarantees you over 30 years of service.

Affordable installation and maintenance costs

The cost of purchasing EPDM roofs is way lower than other roofing materials. The materials used in the manufacture of EPDM rubber are readily available hence the lower prices. Additionally, EPDM roofs are very light, thus making the cost of hiring a professional slightly lower than other roofing materials. When installing an EPDM roof, you don’t need reinforcements on the roof t support it due to its lightweight. The durability of the roof eliminates all costs of regular maintenance and replacements.

Energy efficient

The insulation capabilities of EPDM roofs make it ideal for all weather conditions. With an EPDM roof, you do not need much additional heating during cold seasons. The material is a poor heat conductor; thus, it retains the heat inside the house. The same happens when there is too much heat outside the habitation. Minimal artificial heating and cooling of your home will save you from huge energy bills.

A variety of installation methods

EPDM roofing material comes with a lot of installation options. You can choose to attach the roof using adhesives or fasteners. Sealants are used to hold the roofing material is vast areas with the least slope. Rivets hold the top in sections that are not easy to reach. EPDM can be ballasted with stone to improve its appearance.

Although EPDM is a good roofing material, its effectiveness depends on the installation process. You should find an expert to do the installation to avoid cases of leakages and other roof-related problems.

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