When building a home, the roof is arguably one of the most important parts of the house. The primary function of a roof is to protect property and residents from harsh weather elements that can cause massive damage.What is a Hip Roof

Additionally, a properly constructed roof can significantly increase the amount of money you would get for your house if you decide to sell it.

There are plenty of roof types to pick from when you want to replace a roof or construct a new one. Each roof option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, making a choice is often a challenging experience for most individuals. One of the most common roof types today is a hip roof.

What are the Benefits of a Hip Roof?

A hip roof refers to a type of roofing where all sides slope downwards to the walls. In most cases, the roof slopes gently from a central ridge towards the walls.

However, a tented roof qualifies as a hipped roof because the sides steeply slope from a peak. Due to the design, hipped roofs do not consist of gables or sides vertical to the roof.

  • More stable structures – Most individuals choose hip roofs over traditional gables primarily because they provide more stability to structures. The slope design on all sides of the structure helps solidify the structure’s exterior, making it more resilient to natural elements such as wind and rain. Hip roofing is the best choice for homes in geographical locations that experience harsh weather conditions.
  • Improved curb appeal – Without any doubt, a properly constructed hip roof is more attractive to look at compared to any other roof type. A hip roof has distinctive designs, making a structure look unique from others around it. Therefore, a hip roof is the best option for an individual looking for a more traditional look.
  • Extra living space – If you want additional living space underneath a roof, then hip roofing your house is your best option. If you build a crow’s nest or a dormer into the design, a hip roof can provide you with extra living space to use as a study room, a bedroom, or storage.


With many options to choose from, finding the best roof types can be challenging for any individual. However, you can get both protection and attractiveness with a properly constructed hip roof. If you need quality and affordable hip roofing, contact Multiform Roofing today.

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