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Even the most reliable roofs can suffer damage from time to time. Perhaps you have recently endured a major rainstorm or the roof itself is more than two decades old. In these and other situations, leaks can occur.How To Stop a Roof Leak From Inside

The good news is that these leaks can be temporarily stopped while waiting for the professionals to arrive. What steps will you need to take and why it is important to employ the services of an expert?

Finding the Source of the Leak

It stands to reason that the first step involves locating the source of the fault. You will need to backtrack from the path of the dripping water, as the leak will follow the slope of your roof.

However, it should be mentioned that water will often flow along the sides of roof rafters or joists. Leaks will commonly occur where joints are located, so check any suspect areas until the source is identified.

Engineering a Temporary Patch

It is wise to create a temporary patch before contacting specialist roofing services. This is actually quite simple and it will not require any degree of expertise. First, head to the local hardware store and purchase a can of high-grade roofing tar.

Spread a copious amount of this tar around the location of the leak. Then, place a small piece of plywood or an extra shingle over the wet tar. Apply more of this tar around the periphery of the patch and wait for it to harden.

“Mapping” the Leak

Using a tape measure, take measurements from inside of your attic or crawl space in order to record where the leak occurred. These can then be used to located the approximate location of the exterior fault. Such figures will likewise help any professional roofers; they will not be required to start the process from scratch.

Contacting an Expert

Please keep in mind that the steps above only represent temporary solutions to a roof leak. It is critical to contact one of the team members at Multiform Roofing so that any problems can be dealt with in a timely fashion.

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