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Any roof will be subject to a significant amount of wear and tear over the years. While harder materials such as slate are quite resilient, it is a foregone conclusion that replacing specific sections may need to occur from time to time.How To Relay Ridge Tiles Without Them Breaking

As ridges are particularly at risk, it only stands to reason that a handful of tiles might need to be addressed. How can they be replaced without causing further damage? Let us take a closer look.

Removing Old Mortar Between the Ridge Tiles and the Roof

The good news is that a simple hammer and chisel (or screwdriver) can normally suffice when tackling this project. First, gently tap the layer of mortar found between the tile and the ridge.

Begin at one end to slowly chip away this substance; making sure that the tip of the screwdriver does not inadvertently damage the tile.

Do not try to pry the tile up after the mortar on one side has been completely removed, as this could cause the tile to break. Repeat this process on the other side before gently lifting the entire slab up and away.

Dealing with Any Mortar That Remains on the Tiles

Slate roofing tiles may still contain mortar attached to their undersides. Once again, use the hammer and chisel to tap this material away (especially if the tiles will be reused or sold). Try to get their surfaces as clean as possible without incurring any damage.

There can nonetheless be times when an entire ridge line needs to be replaced or you happen to be dealing with hazardous angles.

These are two instances when the professionals at Multiform Roofing should be contacted. We offer a wide range of services and our team will make quick work out of even the most challenging projects.

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