Looking to Felt a shed roof? Now that may seem like an easy task for some, but for others, it can seem like a challenge. The good news is we are here to help! In this blog post, we will go over how to felt the roof of your DIY shed so you know how to do it on your own the next time around.

Step One: Removing The Old Shed Roof Felt

When removing the felt from your shed roof, you want to make sure that the felt is not too wet and turns into a soggy mess.

If it’s dry enough then start by ripping off the old felt strip-by-strip starting at one end of the roof with either some kind of sharp object or pulling on it as hard as possible. Use a hammer to easily remove old nails and other sharp objects that are sticking up.removing old felt

If the felt is too wet, then you will need to let it dry out first and rip off the old strips as best you can. You may also want to consider using a shovel or rake blade in order to loosen up some of the material so that it’s easier for your hands to grip.

Step Two: Prepare the Shed Roof for Felt

You will need to roughen up your roof surface by using a wire brush and broom. This should be done in sections so as not to damage any of the wood that has already been installed on the shed frame. You do not want to make it too rough though, you just want to make the area more porous for the new felt to adhere.

Step Three: Calculate how Much Felt You Will Need

The next step is calculating how much felt you will need. The calculations are easiest if your shed has a flat roof, but it can be done on any shape as well with some extra measuring and estimating. Measure all of your sides to get the lengths of your shed roof. Multiply these measurements by the height you want to cover. This should give you a rough estimate of how much felt and adhesive is needed for your project.felt roof roll

Step Four: Apply Felt Adhesive

When applying the felt adhesive, you want to be very careful not to apply too much. You should use the adhesive sparingly and only in sufficient amounts that will allow for a smooth installation of felt onto your shed roof. Using too much adhesive will cause the felt to bunch up and not adhere properly.

Step Five: Applying The New Felt To Your Shed Roof

When applying felt to a shed roof, you want to apply it from the bottom side up. This will allow for a smooth installation and make sure that there are no wrinkles or creases in your felt when applied.

We recommend the material slightly overlaps on the sides and in the middle of your roof. This will ensure that you have enough felt to cover all areas when it is fully installed.

Step Six: Securing The New Felt

When installing the felt, you want to make sure that it is secured and will not fall down. You can do this by using staples or tacks on your roof edges. The best wood nails are the ones that are long enough to penetrate your timber fascia boards.applying new felt to shed roof

For a more professional looking install, you can use felt edge moulding along with staples or tacks to hold it in place. This will ensure that everything is covered and properly installed on your shed roof.

Installing felt on a shed roof can be a challenge. It is necessary to make sure the felt is installed properly in order for it to do its job effectively and last. If you need professional help with installing your own roof, Multiform Roofing can get the project done quickly and efficiently so that you will have peace of mind knowing your home or property has been taken care of by professionals who know what they are doing!

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