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Installing a new roof should always be left to the professionals, as this can be a challenging and sometimes complicated task. There are a number of steps that need to be addressed in order to guarantee that the project is flawlessly completed.How is The Roofing Process Carried Out

While the discrete approaches will naturally differ between unique roof configurations, there are nonetheless a handful of steps that will be generally required. Let’s attempt to break this task down so that we can learn to appreciate the sheer amount of skill that is involved.

Initial Plywood Installation and Addressing the Periphery

Assuming that the existing roof is bare, plywood boards will be firmly nailed to the underlying trusses. Once these are in place, professional roofing services in Bristol will install elements including drip edges and flashing. These to be present so that no water is allowed to enter into the underlying structure.

Covering the Plywood

It is very important that the underlying plywood is provided with a robust barrier against elements such as rain, snow and moisture. This is normally accomplished with the help of waterproof tar paper. When the entire roof is covered in this manner, the property owner is essentially provided with an impermeable barrier from exterior weather conditions. However, the process is not yet complete.

The Installation of the Roofing Material Itself

Roofers will then begin to install the shingles themselves; generally working from the bottom lip ending at the peak. They will place specialised folded shingles around the peak as well as any angles or “valleys” that may be present. These are essential in order for water to drain properly.

Final Waterproofing Concerns

Any exposed cracks or nails will finally be caulked with a waterproof agent so that no moisture can enter into the structure. This takes a keen eye and a significant amount of experience, as even a small leak can lead to costly repairs.

Such a project can easily be carried out by the team at Multiform Roofing, so please contact us directly if you suspect that repairs or even an entire replacement might be needed.

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