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The main intention of any roof is to protect the structure and interior of your home from the harsh elements. However, there are several components which need to be present in order to accomplish this task.A Guide To Lead Roof Flashings_ What They Are & How They Work

One integral part is known as lead roof flashing. What is this flashing intended to accomplish and how does it work? If you require repair in the near future, these important questions should be answered.

What is Lead Roof Flashing?

This type of flashing will often be seen around specific portions of the roof including:

  • Joints
  • Around certain types of guttering work
  • The periphery of windows and doors
  • Around a chimney

Lead is commonly used due to the fact that it is extremely soft and can, therefore, be moulded to fit into tight spaces.

What Role Does it Serve?

We can think of lead flashing as weatherstripping for your roof. Its primary intention is to prevent the ingress of water into your home by providing an effective barrier.

The water will simply run off of the flashing and drain into nearby gutters. Lead is also a preferred material due to the fact that it is not subject to corrosion when compared to other options such as copper.

Still, the relatively soft nature of lead signifies that it can become damaged over time. There may also be instances when a length of flashing becomes loose. In either situation, a repair will be warranted sooner as opposed to later.

The professionals at Multiform Roofing Bristol are more than capable of carrying out such a task in a timely fashion. If you suspect that a problem may exist with a section of flashing, it is best to contact us in order to receive an expert evaluation.

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