Multiform Roofing offers a wide range of services like garage roof replacement and chimney repairs. Most homeowners have had to deal with roof replacements at one point or another. Below are five of the most common kinds of roof damages;5 Common Kinds Of Roof Damage

1. Leaks

Leaks are the most common roofing problems that people encounter. Leaking on the roof is normally caused by a variety of issues. For instance, accumulation of leaves on the roof can trigger moisture-related damages which end up causing leaks. Faulty installation and the age of the roof can also trigger leaks.

2. Uplifted roofing material

Uplifting of roofing materials is also a common type of roof damage and one of the primary reasons why homeowners seek roofing repairs. This type of damage is commonly caused by elements of weather like strong winds.

Strong winds can cause misplacement of tiles and shingles hence causing leaks and paving the way for pests and insects to enter your home through the roof.

3. Missing or damaged roofing materials

Another common kind of roof damage is missing materials. When the roof misses materials like shingles and coverings, it leads to a lot of issues like leaks. Missing roofing materials is the easiest kind of roof damage to detect or identify.

For instance, if the shingles dropped inside your house or around your compound, you could come across them and identify the damage.

Note that missing shingles is an indication that your home is prone to water damage, especially during the rainy season. Damages to roofing materials caused by age and other factors are also very common.

4. Punctures and holes

Punctures and holes are also very common types of roof damage. They may seem trivial, but they can cause a wide range of issues. For instance, holes on the roof can cause leaks and allow pests and insects into your home.

Such damages can be caused by pests like woodpeckers or contractors walking over shingles when building. It can also come as a result of rotting caused by moisture on the roof.

5. Shrinkage

Shinkage is also common roof damage. However, it happens with a specific kind of roofing material. Shrinkage of roof material can cause a lot of difficulties like cracking and pulling apart of important components. It also affects the quality of roof coverage.

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