Chimney Repairs services in Bristol

We offer a comprehensive chimney repair and maintenance service by a team of specialists roofers. We have worked on many different chimney stacks, providing a professional service every time.

We cover every aspect of chimney repairs including:

  • Re-pointing and re-seating chimney pots
  • Re-builds of the chimney
  • Installation of chimney vents and cowls
  • Lead soaker, flashing, back gutters and front apron installation.
Chimney Repairs in Bristol

Chimney Maintenance

In order to prevent chimneys from deteriorating over time they need to be properly maintained. Bricks and mortars, stonework and lead flashing will decay over time so if you don't keep a close eye on your chimney it can cause massive problems.

If you don't maintain your chimney stack and the mortar is left to crumble it can lead to your chimney collapsing. This can then create massive, costly damage to your property and can even be a risk to you, your family or people walking past your house if it falls.

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Slating & Tiling

Slate and Tiling

Slating and Tiling are just two of the types of roofing that we undertake. Stylish roofs built to your specification.

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New Roofs

New Roofs and Re-Roofing

Whether it's roof on a new build or a current roof that needs completely replacing, we can help!

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Flat Roofing

Roof Repairing

We use EPDM rubber membrane on all flat roofing, with a life expectancy of around 40 years or more.

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Fascias & Guttering

Fascias and Guttering

Over time blockages and damage can occur to your fascias and guttering which we can fit and repair.

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